October 10, 2012

When you think gel you think it makes your hair dry and crusty. The Ampro Pro Style Olive oil gel has a thick consistency, it is almost that you can feel some sort of oil in the product. It will give you smooth slick hair without the hard feeling and leave you  flake free. The smell is very pleseant somewhat like a good perfume  Although it does contain protein it does not make it flaky. Read the rest of this entry »


Bare Minerals Foundation Tutorial & Review!

October 2, 2012

The product is really great because it it NATURAL. Only thing you have to do is make sure your skin is not dry before you apply it. It will make the skin look more dry. Another nice thing is it makes it easy to match colors to your skin tone. Bare Minerals makes it easy to mix two different colors to match your skin. When applying you can use the brush to give you more coverage or you can just use a regular powder brush and it will give you a lighter look. Read the rest of this entry »

EOS Shaving Cream Review

September 17, 2012

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, they have evolved into a big company for lip balms crams and lotions. The shaving cream comes into a plastic round container. There are 2 different fragrances and they both smell very pleasant. The packaging is neat they have a indent for your fingers that makes it harder for it  to slip out of your hand when in the shower. The container has a pump to dispenses the product and according to EOS you can shave wet or dry meaning it has to be pretty moisturizing. Some women have problems when it comes to keeping the shaving area moisturized but its not the case with EOS, since its texture is like a lotion. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

September 11, 2012

The value size runs around $10 for 6.7OZ depending on what store you go to. The active ingredient is 2% salyciclic acid used to break up the oils in pores and skin. It also uses micro clear technology witch means uses micro scrubbing beads. It actually has scrub in in that feels like sand, it freshens up the surface of the skin when you clean. IT actually does smell like grapefruit. The consistency is thick with bubbles in it along with a sandy texture. The beads are made to pop but sometimes do now. When applying try to avoid the eye area because of the grittiness of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Voice Over Work Project Requests Talent (Denver, CO)

July 18, 2012

Recently a client for an upcoming children’s E-book/I-nook requested to meet with talent Rachael West. Then she was selected for a second reading for the project. The client was in search of a female to read 12 books for the project. Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Feature Film “The Undead” Auditions (Houston, TX)

July 11, 2012

“The Undead” is a feature film about an athletic games who is very nerdy and does good in school but also has a wild side. He definitely knows how to use a gun. The casting directors chose to audition with Darrell Wiggins, a Houston talent. This is a cool new opportunity for Darrell to get his feet wet in acting as a lead role of an independent feature. Read the rest of this entry »

Feature Film Holds Auditions with Talent Bien Ha (Denver, CO)

June 27, 2012

R.W. Films LLC, a music, television, and film production company recently requested to audition with a Denver talent by the name of Bien Ha. Bien received the opportunity to audition for the feature film for the character “Hiro”. There is no news yet if Bien was able to receive the lead role. Read the rest of this entry »