Phoenix Talent Kerry Shultz Books Hard Rock Music Video

November 19, 2012

One Source Talent Phoenix based member Kerry Shultz was requested to audition for a Hard Rock Music Video. The 24 year old beauty is a new face to us. She came on board on October 26th. She is newer to the business.

Welcome Kerry and good luck!


Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Review

September 4, 2012

Dior Ultra Glass reflect costs around $26 and its .21OZ. The gloss is high shine with no glitter and has a reflective pigment, it applys on smooth. The applicator is different from typical lip gloss applicators since its not a brush but a plastic tip. Addict Ultra is smooth when you apply it, along with the smoothness it has a decent lasting power, not all day but you don’t have to keep re applying, it has a water like formula thus making it non sticky. You could get a good amount of use out of the .21OZ bottle and can be purchased from Dior, Sephora, Neman Marcus and it comes in multiple colors. We strongly recommend this product although it is a bit pricey it is worth every penny. Read the rest of this entry »

Head And Shoulder Shampoo Review

August 28, 2012

Many people have to deal with dandruff and it can be very embarrassing especially when you wear black shirts. This is a review on Head And Shoulder Shampoo. So If you are dealing with Dandruff this is the review that you will want to read on.

Does it really work?!?. In our experience is does!. If you have a problem with itchy and dry scalp than this is the product for you. The original head and shoulder costs around $5 and after using if for two months it gave instant results along with instant relief. Head and Shoulders gets rid of the discomfort of itching, It works just like any other shampoo meaning it cleans your hair, leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky and it also smells good also. You can also find one with conditioner in it if  you for people that don’t want to use conditioners separately. Read the rest of this entry »

White Sands Hairspray Reviews

August 22, 2012

You can buy the White Sands Hairspray at any local store or for better deals look for it on the internet. The neat thing about it is you can use as much as you want because you wont get white residue on the comb after you comb it out if you think you put too much in your hair. To apply the product you want to dry it with a hairdryer or flat iron to get it to hold. It makes your hair into feeling like a strip of fabric but at the same time very flexible even after you comb it out. White sands hair liquid textrure smells somewhat like 7 up with a tropical smell.

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Nivea Creme Review

August 10, 2012

Nivea is known all around the world and is an awesome product.  It comes in a few differnent packages such as tube, tin and plastic container, the packaging doesn’t matter its the same formula. The tin can is a bit harder to find since its only produced in Germany and is a bit thinner and some people say its a bit different in a way that its better for your face  but we are not sure. It is a thick cream and can be used on hands, feet , elbows and can be used on eyes and nose  although it can get a bit greasy on the face but its not so bad. The tubes run around $4-6 and can be bought at any drug store or if you cant find it in your local store you can always order it online. It has a specific smell like Nauxema and its easy to remember and associate it to the smell.

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Phoenix Talent Requested for Mustang Display Auction

January 11, 2011

4 Adult talent and 3 Child talent in Phoenix were requested for a  Barrett-Jackson Mustang Display Auction at Westworld. The Promo Team Members and Child Actors will be on stage with the Mustang during the Auction blocks of the event.

Ford will be auctioning off a one-of-a-kind factory-painted Grabber Blue 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca to the highest bidder at Westworld. All the proceeds above the MSRP will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a leader in research leading to a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

The talent chosen will be paid $18.00 / hour!  Great work guys!

Phoenix Modeling Audition for Print Shoot

August 17, 2010

Phoenix based talent Eugene Rutenberg and Carter Albrecht were chosen to audition for an upcoming modeling print shoot for designer Kate Lesage.

If they are booked for the shoot, they will be modeling a line of yoga and eco/organic t-shirts from the designer. They will be paid a flat rate of $25.00 per hour and be featured in their fall ads as well as their catalogs for both lines. Good luck to both guys!