Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara Review

October 25, 2012

The mascara has a dial with 3 numbers that is made to adjust the amount of the product that you are planning on applying. When its on 1 it will take off most of it thus meaning its a light application and that gives you control of the amount that you apply. The brush is somewhat like the Maybelene define brush because it bows out with a plastic wand. The mascara will also work on the bottom lash as well when used on the 1 setting. Read the rest of this entry »


Iphone 5 Reviews

September 24, 2012

The phone looks like an iPhone from the front but the back looks somewhat like an iPad because of the polished aluminum that is either shaded silver or gray. The screen has a retina display that’s 4 inches long without feeling awkward to grab. If you hold the 4 next to the 5 you will notice it is a bit bigger but not as big as you would expect it compared to some android phones. It has 4G LTE witch is faster than most home Wi Fi networks with a download speed around 20MB per second making it easy to use data and calls at the same time. The phone is 18 %thinner and 20 %lighter than the iPhone 4. Read the rest of this entry »

Hairbond Mens Hair Product Revirw

September 20, 2012

The Sculptor professional putty has a medium hold with a softer feel to the hair. Meaning you can move your fingers through it and shape it the way you want it. The finish is glossy with a bit of a shimmer without the wet look. The product itself is kind of like a pomade and the smell is a bit interesting and it smalls like green apples. It smells fairly pleasant. The uses are for shorter hair styles and even for adding texture to female hair. We would compare it to American Crew Forming Cream but a bit less glossy and not as firm. Read the rest of this entry »

Bed Head Ego Boost

August 29, 2012

This is a review for Bed Head Ego Boost as for prices they vary between $15-18. We recommend to buy from a salon because it might be cheaper and its a guarantee that its authentic and not expired. We wanted to test it if it can repair split ends like a haircut. When using the product on just the ends of the hair you will see a little less split ends, it only covers up the problem unlike a haircut that solves the split end problem. Ego Boost should go on longer parts of hair to make it sleeker and softer but if you do put too much on it might make your hair greasier and heavier since it contains silicon.

In order to wash out all the silicone you have to shampoo more often so we don’t recommend using too much product on your hair,this is the main reason leave in conditioners are not as good as normal conditioners. We feel that it works well but it doesn’t not have the effect of a regular conditioner. The hair didn’t improve over time like it would with a regular conditioner. The product does help mend the split end problem but doesn’t completely get rid of it. The consistency is like a runny gel its very slippery and the smell is soft and smooth and pleasant. You would want to use this product if you don’t have the time to shower and use the regular conditioner.

WEN Discovery Kit Review

August 24, 2012

Most important product is the cleansing conditioner, it is non lathering its not a shampoo because it doesn’t have the sulfate which robs your hair from nutrients. Unlike other shampoos that lather up but contain the sulfate, the WEN cleanser will add moisture to hair, de-tangle it and help maintain frizz when combined with other WEN products.

The Styling cream does not come in fig  it only comes in 2 different scents. It looks somewhat like Gel. You would add this to your hair after you “shampoo” or cleanse WEN products are not shampoos. You should add a few dries of the cleanser to the styling cream. The cleansing cream will help de-tangle and help as a heat protector all after helping your hair feel awesome. Add the cream before you towel dry.

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Crest Whitestrips Review

August 20, 2012

Now that crest has different kits we will focus on the Supreme that is the strongest aimed at heavy tooth discoloration with people with yellow teeth. You have 21 days and a lot longer top and shorter bottom strip and are a single layer. The 3D is a 20 day but not as strong as supreme but its still pretty strong. The third is the advance vivid its the same strength as the 3D but its a 14 day kit. Its a bit different from professional because the professional has a longer and wider strip. They are both made from new non slip technology that is much stronger and it takes a lot to strip them off your teeth.

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Eye Shadow Base Review

August 8, 2012

L’oreal claims that helps extends the wear of your eye make up by not fading and creating folds in your eye make up,very similar to other eye bases. It costs $8-9 depending on the store and promotion at the time. The packaging is clear with a sponge tip applicator, only problem with that is that once it gets low it gets harder to pick up from the bottom since you cant squeeze it out and by having a sponge it might be a little less sanitary compared to squeeze bottles. The consistency is thick and only comes with one shade and doesn’t dry to an invisible finish. It also might get a little dry depending on the person, creating  a drag on your face when you try to apply it. Read the rest of this entry »