Bed Head Ego Boost

August 29, 2012

This is a review for Bed Head Ego Boost as for prices they vary between $15-18. We recommend to buy from a salon because it might be cheaper and its a guarantee that its authentic and not expired. We wanted to test it if it can repair split ends like a haircut. When using the product on just the ends of the hair you will see a little less split ends, it only covers up the problem unlike a haircut that solves the split end problem. Ego Boost should go on longer parts of hair to make it sleeker and softer but if you do put too much on it might make your hair greasier and heavier since it contains silicon.

In order to wash out all the silicone you have to shampoo more often so we don’t recommend using too much product on your hair,this is the main reason leave in conditioners are not as good as normal conditioners. We feel that it works well but it doesn’t not have the effect of a regular conditioner. The hair didn’t improve over time like it would with a regular conditioner. The product does help mend the split end problem but doesn’t completely get rid of it. The consistency is like a runny gel its very slippery and the smell is soft and smooth and pleasant. You would want to use this product if you don’t have the time to shower and use the regular conditioner.


White Sands Hairspray Reviews

August 22, 2012

You can buy the White Sands Hairspray at any local store or for better deals look for it on the internet. The neat thing about it is you can use as much as you want because you wont get white residue on the comb after you comb it out if you think you put too much in your hair. To apply the product you want to dry it with a hairdryer or flat iron to get it to hold. It makes your hair into feeling like a strip of fabric but at the same time very flexible even after you comb it out. White sands hair liquid textrure smells somewhat like 7 up with a tropical smell.

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Feature Film “The Challenger” Seeks More Talent (New York, NY)

March 12, 2012

40 more New York talent were requested by the casting directors for the feature film “The Challenger” for extra work. A bunch of talent have already been booked as featured extras and stand-ins for the film. This particular scene will have the talent be a part of a boxing gym. Read the rest of this entry »

November 28, 2011

Recently about 50 NY and DC kids were requested for an upcoming reenactment shoot on the Today Show with Toddlewood. Toddlewood has worked with us many times in the past, and our kids always have a great experience Read the rest of this entry »

Jewish Documentary Film in Production In Michigan

November 23, 2011

Great new, 20 of our Detroit talent have been requested to participate in a upcoming Jewish Documentary. It will feature Jewish Americans who lived in the Detroit area during the 1960’s and it will help show the time from their views and experiences during segregation in Detroit. The film will be based around a Jewish boy who grows up in Detroit during the time and his Read the rest of this entry »

New York Halloween Fashion Event

November 11, 2011

Recently 16 of our New York talent were booked to model in a Halloween Fashion Show for Hillary Flowers! Hillary Flowers is an awesome designer, but she’s also a singer, song-writer and she happens to own a boutique in the Lower East Side of Manhatten, New York.

She has used our talent before and we’re honored to be featured in another one of her great shows!

Zhiying Chen Books CNBC Shoot

December 20, 2010

Chicago model and now actress Zhiying Chen was chosen for an upcoming reenactment shoot for a show that will be airing on CNBC. The new face will be featured in the show packing different objects into boxes.

Zhiying has only been a talent with us since November 9th. This will be her first acting gig. She was paid $50.00 for the shoot and will receive a copy of the show once it airs as well as a credit. Not a bad way to start out.

Congrats Zhiying and welcome to the One Source Talent family!