About One Source Talent

One Source Talent is the largets modeling, acing and entertainment service in the United States.  With offices all over the country including New York, Texas, Michigan, California  Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Washington D.C. they look to provide an unmatched  service and industry tools for both actors/models and casting directors looking for talent. They operate using the age old percept that knowledge is power. With over 10 years of building relationships One Source Talent has dedicated professionals with the knowledge base along with the right tools necessary for breaking into the entertainment industry.

After an intense and very selective interview process, they will equip only the most committed models and actors with the right learning tools.  Some of these tools are industry workshops to teach and assist talent on new techniques and networking events which are called “meet n’ greets.” Additionally, they feature every approved client on their cutting-edge state of the art interactive network. Their network will provide all types of industry professionals, like casting directors, companies, modeling agencies, and high end photographers, with all the access to their creative talent, this is all achieved in an easily searchable database. They do not charge the talent commission fees when jobs are landed, what that does is ensure everyone associated with One Source Talent, from the all the talent to every client, will enjoy an advanced streamlined and stress-free time.

Back in 2003, current owner, Anthony Toma created this amazing service and has seen an amazing growth in the 10 years since he establishment it. One Source Talent was born in their Troy, Michigan office, but because of the huge demand and popularity for their innovative services, they quickly expanded to ten offices.

Their Talent on X Factor (Diamond White)

One Source Talent Reviews

(Talent Submitted)

I love what they have been doing for me. They have helped me achieve my dreams and without them I wouldn’t be doing some of the things that I have been wanting to do since I was a little kid.

I appreciate what OST has done for me. They have worked with helping me from the first day I stepped into their office. I have nothing but nice things to say and I can go on here and just rant on but I will keep it short and simple. I LOVE ONE SOURCE TALENT.

Review of One Source Talent


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