Head And Shoulder Shampoo Review

August 28, 2012

Many people have to deal with dandruff and it can be very embarrassing especially when you wear black shirts. This is a review on Head And Shoulder Shampoo. So If you are dealing with Dandruff this is the review that you will want to read on.

Does it really work?!?. In our experience is does!. If you have a problem with itchy and dry scalp than this is the product for you. The original head and shoulder costs around $5 and after using if for two months it gave instant results along with instant relief. Head and Shoulders gets rid of the discomfort of itching, It works just like any other shampoo meaning it cleans your hair, leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky and it also smells good also. You can also find one with conditioner in it if  you for people that don’t want to use conditioners separately. Read the rest of this entry »


Burts Bee’s

August 23, 2012

For make up removal it somewhat burns the face. Over all Burts Bee’s is ok. Burts Bee’s have awesome body washes and shampoos but their Makeup Removal wipes are nothing special, and their lip balm is very popular. One thing is that The Makeup Removal wipes  are not oil free they contain Soybean Oil and they do have fragrance in them so if you are sensitive to them than you might not want to use em. According to Josh they don’t really have a pleasant smell. The wipes make your skin feel dry and sticky.

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White Sands Hairspray Reviews

August 22, 2012

You can buy the White Sands Hairspray at any local store or for better deals look for it on the internet. The neat thing about it is you can use as much as you want because you wont get white residue on the comb after you comb it out if you think you put too much in your hair. To apply the product you want to dry it with a hairdryer or flat iron to get it to hold. It makes your hair into feeling like a strip of fabric but at the same time very flexible even after you comb it out. White sands hair liquid textrure smells somewhat like 7 up with a tropical smell.

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Nivea Creme Review

August 10, 2012

Nivea is known all around the world and is an awesome product.  It comes in a few differnent packages such as tube, tin and plastic container, the packaging doesn’t matter its the same formula. The tin can is a bit harder to find since its only produced in Germany and is a bit thinner and some people say its a bit different in a way that its better for your face  but we are not sure. It is a thick cream and can be used on hands, feet , elbows and can be used on eyes and nose  although it can get a bit greasy on the face but its not so bad. The tubes run around $4-6 and can be bought at any drug store or if you cant find it in your local store you can always order it online. It has a specific smell like Nauxema and its easy to remember and associate it to the smell.

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Information on MTV Spring Break 2009 Casting & Application

March 4, 2009
MTV Spring Break Casting

MTV Spring Break Casting

MTV is casting a new show and One Source Talent is helping send them some talent.  Get ready for “SPRING BREAK 09 MTV Panama City“!

If you think your up for it, get more information here MTV Spring Break Information and Application.

Connor and Grace Tuomi New One Source Talent San Diego Faces

February 26, 2009

Grace Tuomi's Comp Card

Connor Tuomi

Check out our cutest new pair of siblings,  Connor and Grace Tuomi.  The adorable pair had their first photo shoot and are just beautiful in front of the camera.  We can’t wait to see what is in store for these One Source Talent San Diego kids.  Welcome Connor and Grace.