Denver Modeling & Acting Co.

November 21, 2012

ImageIf you are a person of talent in the area of acting or modeling in the Denver, Colorado area, then you need to know about a company called One Source Talent. By maintaining a large database of talent as well as clients and agents, they are able to create an interactive network. By making your information available to so many people, they go beyond what an agent might do for you or what you can do on your own.

This database is not simply composed of people looking for work but also clients and agents looking for talented people for specific types of work. This business model of OST has created a cost effective way for talented people to form relationships with the people who are looking for the skills they possess. 

One Source Talent is dedicated to becoming the number one source for both the acting and modeling communities. A source shared by everyone in the entertainments industry. This includes not only actors and models but also a full range of clients. This includes agents, directors and casting executives. By linking the entire community, the chances of success for everyone in the industry is increased.

One Source Talent is located in every major city in the United States. The staff in Denver as well as other cities in the nation, are 100 percent dedicated to maximizing everyone’s chances of success. They network in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Dallas.

There are many benefits to joining OST. If you are offering talent, you will have access to auditions and castings happening across the entire country. You will have access to industry workshops where you can meet people face to face. You will also be operating in an environment without commissions.

For clients, members of One Source Talent have access to a database that contains detailed information on a wide range of characteristics. This database is searchable, and you can find what you are looking for quickly. As with talent, using One Source Talent is commission free for clients. The talent in the database has been evaluated, so much of the risk involved in casting is taken out. The time frame to find what you need for your project is reduced with this service.

For clients in all areas of the entertainment industry, we invite you to try our service and evaluate the system for yourself. Our prescreened talent will help you to focus on what our are looking for and expedite the production of your project.

For those in the Denver area and elsewhere, you will need to make an appointment for evaluation. Photos will be taken, and all of your basic measurements will be made. There will be an interview to determine if you are a good fit for the One Source Talent community. The entire evaluation will take approximately one hour. There is a minimum age of four years to participate, but there is no maximum age for talent.