Iphone 5 Reviews

The phone looks like an iPhone from the front but the back looks somewhat like an iPad because of the polished aluminum that is either shaded silver or gray. The screen has a retina display that’s 4 inches long without feeling awkward to grab. If you hold the 4 next to the 5 you will notice it is a bit bigger but not as big as you would expect it compared to some android phones. It has 4G LTE witch is faster than most home Wi Fi networks with a download speed around 20MB per second making it easy to use data and calls at the same time. The phone is 18 %thinner and 20 %lighter than the iPhone 4. The battery life is very good even with the usage of LTE and apple has also made the front camera digital unlike the previous models. As for the speakers they are redesigned and so is the battery connector called “lightning”. The iPhone 5 uses the A6 processor that is 2 times faster than the A5 and it has a cool  new Map app that includes a 3D flyover feature. Overall the phone is a big upgrade from any of the previous iPhone models.

Thank you  for this great review.


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