Hairbond Mens Hair Product Revirw

The Sculptor professional putty has a medium hold with a softer feel to the hair. Meaning you can move your fingers through it and shape it the way you want it. The finish is glossy with a bit of a shimmer without the wet look. The product itself is kind of like a pomade and the smell is a bit interesting and it smalls like green apples. It smells fairly pleasant. The uses are for shorter hair styles and even for adding texture to female hair. We would compare it to American Crew Forming Cream but a bit less glossy and not as firm.

The second product is the hairbond molder the professional hair shaper. It separates the hair with a strong hold it creates a chunky separation. The texture is more waxy and harder than sculptur. The smell is the same as above meaning it smells like green apple. We would use it with shorter hair or maybe wavy hair to create separation. We compare it to American Crew Fiber. We will keep using the products and we recommend others to use it as well.

Thank you   for this great review.


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