WEN Discovery Kit Review

Most important product is the cleansing conditioner, it is non lathering its not a shampoo because it doesn’t have the sulfate which robs your hair from nutrients. Unlike other shampoos that lather up but contain the sulfate, the WEN cleanser will add moisture to hair, de-tangle it and help maintain frizz when combined with other WEN products.

The Styling cream does not come in fig  it only comes in 2 different scents. It looks somewhat like Gel. You would add this to your hair after you “shampoo” or cleanse WEN products are not shampoos. You should add a few dries of the cleanser to the styling cream. The cleansing cream will help de-tangle and help as a heat protector all after helping your hair feel awesome. Add the cream before you towel dry.

The Oil is a overnight treatment. You would put about 3 drops of it in your hair and massage it in your hair. They recommend for you to sleep with the oil in your hair. Some people will use it a few hours before they take a shower. It is a very essential product and to top it all it smells awesome

The texture balm  is a balm somewhat like chapstick. It is very light and clear unlike other products that are greasy. It will help pull curls and flips. It helps keep frizz down and helps hold the shape that you want.

Thank you  for this awesome review.


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