Burts Bee’s

For make up removal it somewhat burns the face. Over all Burts Bee’s is ok. Burts Bee’s have awesome body washes and shampoos but their Makeup Removal wipes are nothing special, and their lip balm is very popular. One thing is that The Makeup Removal wipes  are not oil free they contain Soybean Oil and they do have fragrance in them so if you are sensitive to them than you might not want to use em. According to Josh they don’t really have a pleasant smell. The wipes make your skin feel dry and sticky.

We had also a few of our talent try these and we had mixed reviews on them. Some of the talent have said that their face was burning also but they did say that they had sensitive skin. So to sum it all up if you have sensitive skin and you prefer fragrance free wipes than we definitely wouldn’t recommend Burts Bees’s Makeup Removal Wipes. If your skin is not sensitiveness than you shouldn’t have any problems using this product.

Thank you   for this awesome review.


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