White Sands Hairspray Reviews

You can buy the White Sands Hairspray at any local store or for better deals look for it on the internet. The neat thing about it is you can use as much as you want because you wont get white residue on the comb after you comb it out if you think you put too much in your hair. To apply the product you want to dry it with a hairdryer or flat iron to get it to hold. It makes your hair into feeling like a strip of fabric but at the same time very flexible even after you comb it out. White sands hair liquid textrure smells somewhat like 7 up with a tropical smell.

For best volume you would take a section of hair and spray than use a brush and comb backwards. Than after you are done combing just blow dry your hair and you will have a lot of extra volume. After you are done with your day White Sands is easy to comb out without leaving your comb with clumps in between the teeth of it. And for a finish spray you can use another White Sands product called Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray just to have that firm hold. In the morning to reactivate the hold all you need is a spray bottle with water.

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