Rick McArdle Books G2 Fitness Shoot

One Source Talent Los Angeles talent Rick McArdle auditioned for and booked a photo shoot for a new fitness brand G2 Lifestyles. They were looking for fit attractive models in various demographics. G2 is the pioneer in self-guided flexibility and strength conditioning programs.

G2 Fitness is passionate about nurturing a healthier world including our environment, society and day-to-day living. Their vision is reflected in their priorities, products, programs and focus on environmental stewardship and sustainability. Rick is so excited for the shoot. He will be paid a day rate. Congrats Rick!


One Response to Rick McArdle Books G2 Fitness Shoot

  1. desireejorgenson says:

    Congratulations Rick! It is great to see you! You may get in touch with me, if you like, on Facebook. I have returned to California and reconnected with many of our friends and classmates. I would love to see you in person! It has been too long! Hugs ~ Desiree

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