Edward Turner Books “Pastor Jones: Preachin’ to the Choir”

One Source Talent Los Angeles based actor Edward Turner has been booked for a role in “Pastor Jones: Preachin’ to the Choir“. The film is about a church that is being threatened with closure, Pastor Jones and choir leaders, Tammy and Louise, must find a way to keep the Parishioners together.

An upcoming Choir Competition is the last hope for the three as they work to find the perfect voices to fill out the church choir.

Two unlikely singers soon emerge – Chris, a young man who wants to do good despite his friends, Antoine and Eddie, wanting otherwise; and Ruth, the “Plain Jane” who is not only trying to take care of herself after her mother’s death but, has to deal with her lazy, alcoholic father Darrell.

We are so excited for Edward who has been a talent with us since July. Congrats! We can’t wait to see it.


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